Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2013

With 2013 well underway, we need to be aware what trends are on the radar? These are the brand marketing trends that can open significant opportunities or create big challenges over the next 12 months. Is your brand ready for them?

1. Brand Trust: Social media makes it easy for consumers to confirm if a brand really walks the walk and talks the talk. It’s a lot harder to earn consumers’ trust in your brand today, and it will be even harder in 2013.

2. Branded Videos: Video is HOT! There will be an increase in consumers watching videos on computers, tablets and mobile devices in 2013.

3. Hijacking the News:
Newsjacking is about figuring out ways to inject your company into breaking news to generate media coverage for your busines, build more awareness and create more credibilty. This requires fast action to create a connection between the story and your company.

4. Branded Content: In 2012, we saw brands inject out content, yet they had little focus and lacked strategy. Marketers need to develop focused content plans and go the next step and add “call to action”.

5. Brand Accountability: Social media reputation management has never been more important, and brand transparency is critical. In 2013, even the smallest mistake can become a huge public relations problem. You need to be ready with response plans in place to protect your brand reputation.

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