Marketing with Social Media

All businesses are facing the decision whether to enter social media. Everyone is doing it, so why shouldn’t we? “Let’s set up a Facebook page and just increase the Likes. It’s our new database.” Does this sound familiar? Hang on, it isn’t that simple. There are humans at the other end, and to make social media work you need to build engagement, so that you have loyal fans that are proud to share your brand.

How do you increase engagement?

1. Be personable.
All your messages are being delivered to real people, who have feelings, desires, dreams and dislikes. They are people, not a database of numbers. Make every message personal. Make it seem like personal communication between you and them.

2. Provide information.
People use the internet and social media to search for information. Provide them with information, with content. If you provide them with information of value, they will come back to you for more. Give your followers what they want, so they can appreciate you and you can commence building a thriving engaged community.

3. Involve the audience
Let your followers be part of the conversation. Bring out their emotions, let them show passion and express themselves. Don’t let your followers just read, make them part of the conversation.

4. Reward your followers
Consumers love free things. Share the love!

5. Thank your audience
Thank your followers for participating, for their advice, for their thoughts.

Social media is about building relationships and remember that these won’t happen overnight.

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