Sales vs Marketing: Who is more important?

If you’re a sales-driven company, you may tend to view sales as the moneymaker and marketing as the money spender. And yes, I have worked for many companies with directors that think like this. “All marketing do is want bigger budgets and to spend more”. Yes, that makes my blood boil! Why is it so [...] Read more »

Is all about ROI or relationships?

As marketers, one of the key questions we get asked from stakeholders, is what is the Return on Investment. We have all heard that PR should be x times the amount invested, or experential should be under $x a sample, and so on. But really is ROI the only thing and main thing we should [...] Read more »

reMark is up and running

Welcome to reMark! Well it certainly has been a journey to get to this point!  And a journey I wouldn’t change.  Remark started with an idea… After working with so many agencies whilst representing big brands, and companies, I saw the good, the okay, the not so good.  I was over the promises, the same [...] Read more »